The Shepherd in the Shadow

The shadow comes and casts its blight
Obscuring grace and masking sight
Here in the small hours of the night
Far, far away now seems the light

The sound of weeping in the soul
A filthy sheep lost in a hole;
When least my thoughts I can control
And ne’er my will would be cajoled.

My foes they mock and gather round
The battle lost, the captive bound
The sheep it seems was never found;
The shepherd safe on higher ground?

But wherefore do I now survey
Myself removed and in my place
The selfsame shepherd I betrayed
Now wearing my disfigured face

The shadow darkens and they flee;
Alone and torn upon that tree,
My shepherd, glorious “I AM HE”,
He pays and dies to set me free

The shepherd never left my side
Though I in selfishness did hide
He stood against the wrathful tide
That I in him may e’er abide

So bleat will I through endless days
In joining with creation’s praise
Exalting him whom God did raise
And glory only in his gaze