The Seed

I took my dream and spade in hand
I ventured out into the land
To plant it in a special hole
To shore the breaches in my soul

Alas the tree when autumn came
Did no fruit yield of worthy name
Such lifeless buds and bitter taste
Did prompt to burn it down post haste

I savoured thus the burning smells
Of erstwhile idols sent to hell
Now onwards hence I could proceed
With plans afoot for fresh new seeds

The plant which grew up from the ash
Of dreams which had all burned and crashed
Did please indeed, yet for a while
For soon I had no cause to smile

It grew and grew and blocked the light
And turned into a ghastly sight
It drew me up into its arms
And lured me near with deadly charms

The danger I did fail to sense
Until the foliage was so dense
That no way out was to be seen
And none drew near to hear my screams.

Entrenched was I in endless night
With no recourse to change my plight
I served my dreams, those dev’lish thoughts
Which made my paths of no import

Then grazed my ear a foreign sound
A tortured scream though much profound
And at its noise my dreams did fade
As light my darkness now unmade

And in its place a tree of light
Which scattered sweetness o’er the blight
This tree is life and joy and peace
The balm to make the nightmares cease

The seed a man whose dreams were pure
Who did not choose to stay secure
But took my shame and fell to earth
And rose again to give new birth