The One's For Him

She stands in the middle alone in her shame
Though bathed in the sunlight she lives in the shade
The others draw near her to curse and to blame
Unleashing a torrent, a vicious tirade.

She looks to the ground to flee the cold stares
Her ears yet still privy to callous intent
Such public unveiling is too much to bear
Her soul torn asunder, her standing now rent

The end is upon her, a stone’s throw away
Just one test remains, but this one’s for Him
“The Law says to slay her, so what do you say?”;
She’s seen all the others, her chances are slim.

He bends down before her and scrawls in the dirt
Stoops down to her level and comes into sight
With one simple question her death he averts
Invites her henceforth now to live in the light.

The others have vanished, the shadow recedes
“Has no one condemned you?”, the question resounds
So tender his manner, his words meet her need
For each speaks of mercy and love that abounds.

The reason he stands there with grace in his heart
Is wholly dependent on what he extends
The true hand of friendship that gives a fresh start
And takes on his person to make the amends.

(Based on The Gospel of John, Chapter 8)