The Basement

He: So, do you come here often?
She: Is this some kind of joke?

He: Sorry, no, I'm not trying to hit on you. Well, maybe it might have crossed my mind, but never mind that, we should probably get to know each other first. I mean, how did you get here?
She: What do you mean, 'How did I get here'? This is where I've always been. What are you doing down here?
He: I have no idea. I saw some people coming out of some trapdoor and thought it might be interesting to check out what is down here. I didn't even know this place existed until a few moments ago.
She: Why am I not surprised?

He: There do seem to be an awful lot of you down here. Doesn't it get crowded?
She: Seriously? You really have no idea why there are so many of us down here?
He: Well, no. I mean, there's plenty of space upstairs. More than enough to go around.
She: It sounds so simple, doesn't it? Why don't you show us the way, then, Mr Upstairs Man?
He: Let's not rush things, now. I mean, I know you. I know we've only just met but I like you. Why don't you come with me now and then you can come back for the others later?

She: There's just the small matter of all these people standing on my head. I'm not going anywhere in a hurry.
He: Yes, I see. I can't imagine why I never noticed them until now.
She: Well it's a miracle you even saw m... No, wait, I remember. Never mind.

He: Isn't it crushing you, having all those people standing on your shoulders?
She: What do you think?
He: So why aren't you doing something about it?
She: Something, like what?
He: Well that guy over there was at your level before, but now I see he's switched places with the girl, if that's what she is, who was standing on his shoulders a moment ago.
She: So what exactly are you suggesting?
He: Are you gonna make me say it?
She: Damn right I am.
He: You must be enjoying this, making me into the bad guy.
She: For real?
He: Yes, well sometimes in order for some people to get ahead, some others need to lose. It's just the way the world works. You must be familiar with this, surely; it seems to be the way things are done around here. It shouldn't take me coming all the way down here for you to learn this.
She: Thank you, kind sir, for teaching me the ways of the world. I really am forever in your debt.
He: Now you're just making fun of me.
She: We take whatever small pleasures we can get down here.

He: Never mind the small pleasures, I can take you out of here completely. I know people. I'm sure I can make it so that you wouldn't have to do anything unpleasant.
She: Just like that? I'm upstairs, and free to do what I want?
He: Well, you know, come to think of it, it's not particularly safe up there for a girl like you. You should probably stay with me for a while.
She: And..?
He: You know..
She: No, I don't. I would really like for you to spell it out for me.

He: Well if you're gonna be like that... You know what? This has been fun, but I really must dash. You're a feisty one, that's for sure. I'm sure you'll work it out. And hey, if you're ever upstairs, come by and say hello.
She: It'll be the first thing I do.