Fugitive No More

Running, always running
Towards an unlocked gate
Turning, always turning
In trying to thwart my fate

Hiding, always hiding
From monsters in my head
Crying, always crying
To drown this sense of dread

Searching, always searching
For virtues I’ve mislaid
Stumbling, always stumbling
O’er all the mess I’ve made

Miming, always miming
Pretending that I care
Weeping, always weeping
Beneath the mask I wear

Hurting, always hurting
The people I have known
Breaking, always breaking
Against my heart of stone

Yet that which was rejected
Was not this stone within
Twas not my cold, dead person
All shriveled up with sin

Rejected e’er rejected
The one whose name is love
Accursed e’er accursed
Who came from up above

Forsaken e’er forsaken
So I could yet be found
In darkness, e’er in darkness
Now glory shines around

Adopted e’er adopted
As I in him now hide
All running has now ceased
For He with me abides.