Fleabag gives voice to my generation

Even before season two, Fleabag was already my favourite series of the decade. Season two did nothing to change that, but it did introduce an intriguing new dimension through the 'sexy priest'.

For much of the season, Fleabag is portrayed as wrestling with God, even as the proposition that he exists continues to be dismissed out of hand. The following quote is a prime example:

and even though I don’t believe your bullshit, and I know that scientifically nothing I do makes any difference in the end anyway, I’m still scared. Why am I still scared?"

Here's my take.

On some level, Fleabag represents a whole generation who are saying to God,

"Look, we know you aren't there and you don't exist... but we're fucking hurting and self-destructive and basically lost here.. so please would you just fucking do something?"

(Apologies for the swearing; it is intentional, albeit reluctant – just like Fleabag's cry for help...)

It is all rather meta. Just as millenials reluctantly move back home and are forced to ask their parents for money, so they also come back to God, asking for answers and, ultimately, help.

With her trademark candour, and that ever-present, delightful touch of mischief, Fleabag is giving voice to the cry of a generation.

When the boomers and the gen x-ers bankrupted our economy, they also burst the bubble that we could continue living without any kind of unified moral compass. Brené Brown puts its succinctly when she asks: "Can any system thrive and work when it's devoid of spirituality... when systems only exist to serve people who are inherently spiritual beings?" The past decade has witnessed the gradual unwinding of this realisation that our spiritual landscape was and is completely barren; it turns out we do need something to believe in.

The resultant cry to God is begrudging, incredulous, unexpectant, aghast... but genuine nonetheless, for it is visceral.

"If you're all there is in this wasteland, then at least show yourself so we can have it out."

It sounds remarkably like much of the Bible...