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It is a total myth that man is by nature curious and truth-hungry and wants, above all things, to know. Given certain recognized senses of ‘to know,’ there is in fact a great deal of stuff we do not want to know. Evidence for this is the enormous number of very basic questions and issues we do not want to think about abstractly.

— David Foster Wallace, Everything and More
Like all poetical natures, he loved ignorant people. He knew that in the soul of one who is ignorant there is always room for a great idea. But he could not stand stupid people, especially those who are made stupid by education—people who are full of opinions not one of which they can understand, a peculiarly modern type, and one summed up by Christ when he describes it as the type of one who has the key of knowledge, can’t use it himself, and won’t allow other people to use it, though it may be made to open the gate of God’s Kingdom.

― Oscar Wilde, De Profundis
What flows into you from myth is not truth but reality (truth is always about something, but reality is that about which truth is), and therefore every myth becomes the father of innumerable truths on the abstract level.

— C.S.Lewis