Sons of Adam, Girls of Eve

O, hapless Sons of Adam,
When will you e’er refrain
This dance of self
It leads to death
Proving such life as vain.

O, foolish Girls of Eve
Why have you always tried
To take control
Thus scorn the king
And so your end is nigh

O, captive Sons of Adam
Why pride yourselves in this
Ensnared in vice
A stench of sin
Whoever called this bliss

O, grieving Girls of Eve
This story’s getting old
These wars and strife
And loss of life
Unending take their toll

O, “enlightened” Sons of Adam
Wake up and cry for aid
Stuck in this mire
You will expire
Lost, without hope, waylaid

O, blessed Girl of Eve
Through you a Son was born
He came to us
To live as us
Rejected and forlorn

O, holy Son of David
Divine enshrined in man
Tis in your death
O undeserved
We see God’s rescue plan

O, mindless human race
Please recognise your King
Love in his eyes
Curse on his head
He dies freedom to bring