...but Christ will shine forever

It is a total myth that man is by nature curious and truth-hungry and wants, above all things, to know. Given certain recognized senses of ‘to know,’ there is in fact a great deal of stuff we do not want to know. Evidence for this is the enormous number of very basic questions and issues we do not want to think about abstractly. — David Foster ...
It is no virtue to be agnostic where God would have us certain. — David Field
The recent ruling of the US Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges, which has enshrined same-sex marriage as a constitutional right across the USA, was by any measure a momentous one. The internet and global media exploded with the news, with the majority of the opinion pieces in the mainstream press (at least in the West) being exultant — even...
But tell me: How can a skeptic like you be so sure he knows how to tell a stage set from a wall? Haven't you ever doubted that the illusions you ridicule are really nothing but illusions? What if you're wrong? What if they were genuine values and you were a demolisher of values?" — Milan Kundera, The Joke
As so many on the left of the evangelical spectrum observe, Christendom is over. What many fail to mention is that the death of Christendom also leads to the social perception that orthodox Christianity is a kind of cult. Thus it was in Imperial Rome; thus will it be again in the twenty-first-century West. — Carl Trueman
The strange result was that the more I studied and the more I understood seriously the biblical message in its entirety, the more I came to see how impossible it is to give simple obedience to the state and how there is in the Bible the orientation to a certain anarchism. — Jacques Ellul
Good and Evil are not symmetrically opposite to each other. They are like light and darkness – light can illuminate darkness, darkness cannot darken light. Darkness is the absence or obscuring of Light in a way that is not true the other way around. — Glen Scrivener